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Indian Barcode Authorized Distribution & Service Partner for TSC printer

Indian Barcode Authorized Distribution & Service Partner for TSC printer

The TSC printer offers the largest media and ribbon capacities in its class. Unlike most printers, it can easily handle both a 300-meter ribbon and a full 8-inch OD roll of labels. With its fast print speed, along with the largest memory capacity in its class, TSC printer is ideal for customers looking for a high quality bar code printer, coupled with low ownership costs.   TSC printer is competitively priced, comes with a two-year warranty, and accommodates a 300-meter-long ribbon, which keeps both daily and lifetime operating costs lower than other comparable printers.

TSC Label printer 

TSC label printers are available in as either direct thermal only or thermal transfer or direct thermal configurations. Our models that are designed for thermal transfer printing can be run in direct thermal or thermal transfer mode. Direct thermal mode uses heat sensitive labels that darken to form barcodes, graphics and printed text as heat is applied by the printer’s print head. Direct thermal labels are suitable for short shelf life labels which are not exposed to extreme light or heat. And TSC label printer also called a TSC Thermal Label printer.

These are some Desktop Label printer of TSC:

TDP-247 Series Desktop label printer

TDP-247 series Desktop label printer offers best-in-class speed and high-resolution capabilities, along with a rugged, reliable design.

TTP-225 Series Desktop label printer

TTP-225 series label printer delivers premium performance for Indian Barcode Corporation in India.

TTP-243 Pro Series Desktop label printer

TTP-243 Pro offers a variety of options, including a rotary cutter, keyboard display units, a long range linear imaging barcode scanner, an SD card reader slot, a Bluetooth module, a 3-inch-core label spindle and an external label hanger for the TTP-243EPro model.

TTP-244 Pro Desktop label printer
Indian Barcode Authorized Distribution & Service Partner for TSC printer

The popular TTP-244 Plus thermal transfer desktop printer is known as the only inexpensive solution that offers a powerful processor, generous memory, internal scalable fonts and the world’s most popular barcode printer language emulations in one small package

TTP-245C Series Desktop label printer

TTP-245C series of desktop thermal barcode printer, label with its new, smaller footprint, offers the high performance that customers have come to expect from TSC.

TTP-247 Series Desktop label printer

TTP-247 series features a user-friendly clamshell design for easy drop-in media loading, along with a rugged double-wall design that is stronger and more durable than other thermal transfer mechanisms on the market.

TTP-2410M Pro Series Industrial label printer

TTP-2410M Pro Series Industrial label printer has newly updated with high speed electronics that allow faster printing.

TTP-268M Series Industrial label printer

TTP-268M Series Industrial label printer more value, more features, higher reliability.

TTP-384M Industrial label printer

TTP-384M wide-format thermal transfer printer is ideally suited for compliance labeling, brand marketing, inventory control, drum labeling, warning signs and a host of other signage solutions.

TSC Ribbons Printer

Indian Barcode Corporation offers a large selection of compatible thermal transfer ribbon for barcode printers. Our expertise is our ability to help you reduce costs while delivering top quality ribbon within short lead-time.

High-quality TSC Thermal-transfer Ribbons

Wax Ribbons

TSC Wax Ribbons are extremely versatile and can be used with a wide range of paper media – from vellum to coated labels. They are noted for their exceptional sensitivity and density and feature a back coating that ensures optimal print head protection.

Wax/Resin Ribbons

TSC high-efficiency Wax-Resin Ribbons are designed for use in dozens of applications and are specially tailored for printing on coated labels or synthetic surfaces. 

Premium Resin Ribbons

TSC high-tech Premium Resin Ribbons are designed for extremely demanding bar code applications. They are ideally suited for printing on synthetic materials, including textile bases, and are highly resistant to abrasion, temperature, solvents and purifiers. 

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All types of Zebra printers sell by Indian Barcode Corporation Mindware

An Exclusive supplier and authorized Partner for Zebra printer by Indian Barcode Corporation (Mindware)

A printer is hardware of computer. It allows a user to print items on paper, letter and images. Keeping your operations running smoothly and efficiently is your top priority. You rely on printers and tools that are dependable, durable, easy to use and don’t require much space. We are sealing Zebra printer. Zebra’s printers are compact, simple to operate, reliable and cost effective. Zebra offers both direct thermal and thermal transfer printer models.

Types of Zebra printers:

 Desktop printers

 Zebra desktop printers are great for label printing, wristband printing, receipt printing or ticket printing.

Models of desktop printers

Zebra’s G-series GX and ZD500:- It provide the fastest printer speeds with the widest range of cutting-edge features and high resolution label printing.

Zebra’s G-series GK with GK420- It is healthcare model, combine dependable printing with fast speed and network manageability.

  Zebra’s HC100- It is user friendly, hassle-free printing with easy to load wristband cartridges.

 Zebra’s LP/TLP 2824- It is narrow label application. This printer is used for  pharmacy and healthcare labeling.

 Industrial printers

Zebra industrial printer deals in unparalleled barcode, texts and graphics print quality on levels, invoices and packing ships.

 Models of Industrial printers

XI printers -It is used for assets management and cross docking.
105SL printers- It is used for assets management and cross docking.ZT 400 and ZT 200 series-It is used for inventory management and lab sample Tracking.

Card printers

This type of printer deals with personnel tracking cards, access control and secure ID badges. these can be dual side and single side card printer.

Models of card printers

ZXP series 8 retransfer card printers:-It is used in government ID card and high security ID and 
access control.
ZXP series 7 and series 1:- It is used in government ID card and high security ID and access control.

 Print engines

This print engines are designed for use in a verity of high-volume, mission-critical applications. Its cartons and cases quickly and easily, with great reliability.

 Models of print engines

ZE500 series: - It is used for order labeling and cross docking.

 Mobile printers

It can improve efficiencies across your facilities and processes and workforce. Print barcode, labels, receipts or tickets reliably and quickly.

 Models of Mobile printers:-

ZQ500 series:-It is used in field service, invoices and receipts.
QLN series:-It is used in document and records management.
ZQ110 series:-This series is for simple receipts and invoices and deliveries.

 RFID printers

 It is used for labels and tagging.

Models of RFID printers

ZT400 series:- Used for distribution, shipping and receiving.

R110X14 series:-used for assets tracking and inventory management.

ZD500R series:- used for medium volume applications, item level Exception Tagging and specimen tracking.

 Kiosh printers

It allows customer to print tickets ,coupons,recipts easily.

Models of Kiosh printers

KR203 and KR403 series:- It is used for coupon/voucher printing  and invoices & receipts.

TTP 2000 series:- It is used for coupon/voucher printing  and invoices & receipts.

TTP 2100:- IT is used for baggage tags and ticket.
Indian barcode corporation deals in all types of Zebra printers and Zebra Consumable like ribbons and labels. for any Query and suggestion regarding Zebra industrial printers and scanners call us 9717122688 or write us at

 For any query Contact us:-

Indian barcode corporation

Contact: +91 9717122688,+91 8527522688

Office Address: s-4, Plot No-7, Pok-7, Pankaj Plaza,Near metro station, sector-12,Dwarka,New Delhi-110078(India)

All types of citizen printers sell by

Different types of printers in citizen Brand Sell by Indian barcode corporation Mindware.

Citizen Systems has now been providing printers since 1964. Citizen printers are fast in processing and easy to use. Citizen Printers are designed to deliver optimum performance, functionality and reliability, bringing the best possible return on investment. Citizen printer’s features include hassle-free, high quality output with minimal maintenance cost. 

Citizen Printers buy from best dealer of delhi in india indianbarcode corporation

Desktop printers

Citizen desktop printers are good performer with reliability to deliver hundreds of labels in Limited Time. These powerful Printers are also designed to offer easy media loading, while an all-metal print head in most models ensures extraordinary long lasting service.

Few Citizen's Popular Desktop Printer's Models

CL-S300: The spirit of desktop printing
CL-S321: Compact and cost-effective label printing
CL-S521: Industrial desktop printer
CL-S621: Versatile desktop printer
CL-S631: CL-S621 with 300dpi

Industrial printers

Citizen's industrial printers are built for multipurpose as durability and compatibility in warehouse, shipping and production environments etc. These types of printers include Citizen's innovative Cross-Emulation feature and pioneering Hi-Lift mechanism for easy access to ribbons and media.

Few Citizen's Popular Industrial printer’s Models

CL-E720: Low budget, high spec
CL-E720DT: The thermal direct tabletop printer
CL-E730: The details make the difference
CL-S700: High-speed industrial printing
CL-S700DT: Entry level industrial
CL-S700R/CL-S703R: High-speed industrial printing
CL-S703: CL-S700 with 300dpi

Ticketing printers

These types of Printers have efficient ticketing requires easy-to-use, high quality label printing on a range of media at fast print speeds. Citizen provides all this in an energy efficient and eco-friendly machine known as Ticketing printers.

Citizen's Populer Ticketing printers Model

CL-S400DT: Energy efficient ticketing

Wide format printers

These types of printers are mostly used in industries ,these types of printers are very high performer and highly printing capable printers these types of printers are used for different purposes Like: labeling  for warehouse contents with high resolution such as pallets or drum.

Famous Models of Citizen's Wide format printers are:

CL-S6621: Half size, half price
CL-S6621XL: More capacity for your business

Mobile printers

Mobile printers from Citizen are the perfect solution for on-site and on-demand fast printing. Packed with user-friendly features such as quick change, no-jam, drop-in media loading, these portable units deliver fast, on-the-spot service of labels or receipts.

Few Famous Citizen's Mobile Printers are:

CMP-20: Powerful portable printing
CMP-30: Handles labels and receipts

More Types of Printers in Citizen Brand

Impact Printers
Thermal printers
Panel mount printers
Photo Printer

Buy all type of Citizen Printer and Citizen Printer consumables like Citizen Ribbons, Ink Ribbon, Paper Roll, Labels, TT Ribbon from Indian Barcode Corporation Mindware. Indian Barcode Corporation is authorized distributor partner of citizen Brands.

For where and which printer your should buy call us 09717122688 and write to us
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Bluetooth Enable Mobile barcode scanner installation guide by

Bluetooth Enable Mobile barcode scanner installation guide by indian barcode coproration

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Epson L-1800 Inkjet Photo Printer sell by Indian Barcode Corporation (mindware)

Epson L 1800 is a compact six-color A3+ Photo Printer for cost conscious homes and offices. Its high capacity ink tank system allows it to print 1500 photos without any refilling.

The L1800 is equipped with Epson’s Micro Piezo print head technology that delivers unrivalled durability, quality and reliability. The high-capacity ink tank is fully integrated into the printer, so you can enjoy reliable colour printing without the mess or hassle of other ink tank systems. Using Epson genuine ink gives you the quality you demand from your printing and each ink bottle has a re-sealable cap for storage when not in use. With Epson’s warranty, you can rest assured that you'll get maximum value, reliability and peace of mind from your printer.


With 215 × 322 × 705(H × D × W) mm dimensions and 12.5 kg weight, this Epson L1800 Photo Printer has a small foot print which is ideal for home use. It is equipped with six high capacity 70 ml ink bottles which are individually sealed to ensure the purity of its contents and formulated to deliver outstanding high volume print quality.

Print Performance:

Epson L1800 Photo Printer comes with a high capacity ink tank system which makes it perfect for heavy use where achieving a low cost per photo or color page is important. It delivers fast print speeds of up to 15ppm (draft/ black) and 45 seconds per 4R borderless photo. The integrated ink tank system makes it refill-free for up to 1500 photos, 2600 black and 4700 color text pages. It delivers superior color reproduction for large graphics, photos and more to achieve the best impression on your audience. With minimal intervention, it offers cost effective and hassle free printing of photos and color documents for homes, offices and photo studios wanting to print in high volumes. The printer features Epson’s Micro Piezo technology which guarantees precise and consistent photo and color document printing in up to A3+ size. Its long lasting ink tank ensures less down time and also prevents poor quality print outs which may result from using non-genuine refills and third party ink tank systems. In India best seller and manufacturer Snap deal, Amazon, infibeam and indian barcode also.

Key Features:

Print for longer: Ultra-high-capacity ink tank. Economical: Six large colour ink bottles. Value for money: Ultra-low cost per photo. Life-like results: High-quality photos. Peace of mind: Covered by Epson's warranty.


Printing Method: On-demand inkjet (Piezo electric) Nozzle Configuration: 90 Nozzles Black, 90 Nozzles per Color Minimum Droplet Size: 1.5 pl, With Variable-Sized Droplet Technology Ink Technology: Dye Ink Printing Resolution: 5,760 x 1,440 DPI Printing Speed ISO/IEC 24734: 2.6 Pages/min Monochrome, 2.6 Pages/min Color Printing Speed: 15 Pages/min Monochrome (plain paper 75 g/m²), 15 Pages/min Color (plain paper 75 g/m²), 45 Seconds per 10 x 15 cm photo (Epson Premium Glossy Photo Paper) Colours: Light Magenta, Magenta, Yellow, Light Cyan, Cyan, Black Number of paper trays: 1 Paper Formats: A3+, A3, A4, A5, A6, B5, C4 (Envelope), C6 (Envelope), DL (Envelope), Letter, 10 x 15 cm, 13 x 18 cm, 16:9, Legal Output Tray Capacity: 50 Sheets Paper Tray Capacity: 100 Sheets Standard, 30 Photo Sheets Media Handling: Manual duplex Indian Barcode Corporation provide a best price for Epson L 1800 photo printer.

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Indian Barcode corporation (Head Office) S-4, Plot No-7, Pocket-7, Pankaj Plaza, Near Metro Station, Sector-12, Dwarka, New Delhi-110078(India). (+91) 9717122688, (+91) 011-28032434 Manufacturing Unit (PM Labels) 100, matiyala industrial area, behind dps school, dwarka, new delhi-110078 Web: