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All types of citizen printers sell by Indianbarcode.com

Different types of printers in citizen Brand Sell by Indian barcode corporation Mindware.

Citizen Systems has now been providing printers since 1964. Citizen printers are fast in processing and easy to use. Citizen Printers are designed to deliver optimum performance, functionality and reliability, bringing the best possible return on investment. Citizen printer’s features include hassle-free, high quality output with minimal maintenance cost. 

Citizen Printers buy from best dealer of delhi in india indianbarcode corporation

Desktop printers

Citizen desktop printers are good performer with reliability to deliver hundreds of labels in Limited Time. These powerful Printers are also designed to offer easy media loading, while an all-metal print head in most models ensures extraordinary long lasting service.

Few Citizen's Popular Desktop Printer's Models

CL-S300: The spirit of desktop printing
CL-S321: Compact and cost-effective label printing
CL-S521: Industrial desktop printer
CL-S621: Versatile desktop printer
CL-S631: CL-S621 with 300dpi

Industrial printers

Citizen's industrial printers are built for multipurpose as durability and compatibility in warehouse, shipping and production environments etc. These types of printers include Citizen's innovative Cross-Emulation feature and pioneering Hi-Lift mechanism for easy access to ribbons and media.

Few Citizen's Popular Industrial printer’s Models

CL-E720: Low budget, high spec
CL-E720DT: The thermal direct tabletop printer
CL-E730: The details make the difference
CL-S700: High-speed industrial printing
CL-S700DT: Entry level industrial
CL-S700R/CL-S703R: High-speed industrial printing
CL-S703: CL-S700 with 300dpi

Ticketing printers

These types of Printers have efficient ticketing requires easy-to-use, high quality label printing on a range of media at fast print speeds. Citizen provides all this in an energy efficient and eco-friendly machine known as Ticketing printers.

Citizen's Populer Ticketing printers Model

CL-S400DT: Energy efficient ticketing

Wide format printers

These types of printers are mostly used in industries ,these types of printers are very high performer and highly printing capable printers these types of printers are used for different purposes Like: labeling  for warehouse contents with high resolution such as pallets or drum.

Famous Models of Citizen's Wide format printers are:

CL-S6621: Half size, half price
CL-S6621XL: More capacity for your business

Mobile printers

Mobile printers from Citizen are the perfect solution for on-site and on-demand fast printing. Packed with user-friendly features such as quick change, no-jam, drop-in media loading, these portable units deliver fast, on-the-spot service of labels or receipts.

Few Famous Citizen's Mobile Printers are:

CMP-20: Powerful portable printing
CMP-30: Handles labels and receipts

More Types of Printers in Citizen Brand

Impact Printers
Thermal printers
Panel mount printers
Photo Printer

Buy all type of Citizen Printer and Citizen Printer consumables like Citizen Ribbons, Ink Ribbon, Paper Roll, Labels, TT Ribbon from Indian Barcode Corporation Mindware. Indian Barcode Corporation is authorized distributor partner of citizen Brands.

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