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Barcode vault Fargo card printer distributor and manufacturer of PVC cards and cards printer ribbons

Barcode Vault The Distributor of PVC ID cards, Card Printers and Ribbon

Barcode Vault is the biggest Distributor of PVC ID cards and cards Printer  of brands Zebra and Fargo, we also provide the Ribbon for card printers.

Fargo DTC 1250e printer-

The ideal card printing solution for small businesses, schools, and local governments, the FARGO DTC1250e ID card printer and encoder is the fastest printer in its class, allowing you to produce 50% more visually-rich, full-color credentials in the same amount of time. Its small, compact footprint makes it easy to use in a variety of office environments and can be easily upgraded to include an embedded ICLASS SE encoder (part of the ICLASS SE platform), enabling you to produce secure, personalized membership and loyalty photo ID cards in one single, seamless step. An optional Wi-Fi accessory is also available to help you print anytime, anywhere. Using the included Swift ID badging software, you can design custom ID cards on the spot, and the FARGO Workbench diagnostic utility software can help you easily maintain your card printer over time.
fargo card printer_ barcode vault
Fargo card printer Barcode vault
The DTC1250e ID direct-to-card printer and encoder also feature an intuitive, user-focused Smart Screen graphical display, enabling efficient set-up, operation and maintenance of your technology investment. Backed by a global three-year warranty, each of our seventh generation FARGO card printers can be seamlessly integrated to work with other HID products, ensuring that you receive and retain the maximum value from the most trusted name in secure identity solutions.

Key Specification:
  • Side printing: Single or dual
  • Print method: Dye sublimation / resin thermal transfer
  • Resolution: 300 dpi
  • Print speed: 16 seconds per card / 225 cards per hour (YMCKO)
  • Included Software: Embedded Swift ID® badging application and FARGO Workbench printer maintenance and diagnostic software with Color Assist spot-color matching
  • Data protection: AES-256 encryption on the printer over a secure network
  • Card capacity:  100 card input, 30 card output
Fargo HD card print printer Barcode vault
Consumables Items
Fargo 1250 e Ribbon:-
Custom dye-sublimation and resin ribbons work seamlessly with FARGO printers to consistently produce colorful images, crisp text and precise bar codes.For brilliant colors and photo-realistic images that last for years, organizations everywhere rely on Fargo printer ribbons every time. Fargo’s ribbons are precision-engineered to the highest standards to work seamlessly with Fargo card printer.
Fargo Printer Ribbons use smart load technology for quick and easy replacement. Fargo Printer Ribbons are shipped with a built-in cleaning roller which saves on operating costs and printer machine.
We have full color as well black mono ribbons available for the entire range of Fargo printer. We also stock ribbons for legacy and discontinued modules.
Fargo HID card printer:-
Hid Fargo Card Printers are the first choice if you are looking for high quality card printers. HID FARGO plastic card printers by HID Global offer higher reliability and superior print quality for all card printing requirements. You Card is proud to be an official and direct partner for many years. This partnership is especially beneficial for you as we are able to offer you great prices, qualified purchase advice and top-rated support due to extensive training with their products and technologies, like HID Omni key Card Readers or HID I CLASS chip cards.
Whether you want to acquire a monochrome card printer like the DTC1000me card printer, a value added multi-color dye-sublimation printer like C50 or DTC1250e, a double-sided re transfer printer like HDP5000, a stunning card printer system with laser personalization (HDP 8500LE) or a complete printing bundle including professional card software or digital camera: Hid FARGO has the right premium product to suit your individual requirements.
Barcode Vault ( deals in all type of Ferrule printers and Ribbons. For any query and suggestion regarding Ferrule printers and card printer ribbon call us on 9717122688 or write us at

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Barcode Vault
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BARCODEVAULT Manufacturer of ZXP Zebra Card Ribbon,YMC,YMCK,YMCKO,YMCKOK Ribbons

ZXP Series 3 Card Printer Zebra Supportive Ribbons YMC, YMCK, YMCKO Ribbon

ID card printers typically use ribbons that are sectioned into a number of panels. The panel types vary and can be a little confusing if you’re not sure of the different types. The panels on dye-sublimation ribbons are represented in their name or descriptions by letters, most commonly including:

Y = Yellow dye sublimation panel
M = Magenta dye sublimation panel
C = Cyan dye sublimation panel
K = Black resin panel         
O = Overlay panel

All ribbons for single-sided dye sublimation 
printers include Y, M and C panels, with additional panels for specific printing or benefits.

Sample by Barcode vault

YMC ribbons are ideal for printing full color cards and when composite black, created by mixing YMC, is all you need. Composite black will work for you if you’re not printing bar codes and if you don’t need crisp black text.

sample card printing by Barcode vault

YMCK Ribbons are also for printing full color cards, with the added benefit of a resin black panel (the K panel). Bar codes need to be printed in resin black in order to be read by a scanner. The K panel also allows you to print additional crisp, black text.

YMCK Ribbons are the same as YMCK ribbons, with the additional “O” overlay panel. This panel provides a thin layer of protection to your cards, helping to delay fading and normal wear and tear slightly. The ribbon that best suits your needs will depend on what you’ll be printing on your cards and how your cards will be used.


Four-color with Black on back. A full-color ribbon that can also print black text or bar codes on the back of your plastic cards. Great for membership cards, loyalty cards, student IDs, event passes and tickets.

Barcode vault deals in all typ of printer labels like wax ribbons,wash care ribbons. our ribbons support all branded printers like zebra, godex, citizen, we are the biggest labels and Ribbon manufacturer.

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ZXP series 3 Zebra Card Printer Barcodevault distributor of Zebra card Printers

BARCODEVAULT: (Distributor of ZXP Zebra Card Printer & Ribbon)

TheZXP Series 3 is everything you could want in a professional card printer. The ZXP Series 3 is an ideal solution for low- to medium-volume single or dual-sided printing applications that require minimal operator training and excellent print quality. ZXP Series 3 printers offer advanced features and high capacity media options.

Zebra’s ZXP Series 3 direct-to- Card printer provides an array of features, outstanding print quality, and a low cost of ownership. The ZXP series 3 offers a wide range of height capacity ribbon options, along with the capability to select the card thickness that is right for the application. And, when paired with Zebra’s eco-friendly media, the ZXP series 3 is the most cost-effective printing solution in its class.

The ZXP Series 3 offers, high-quality full color and monochrome printing on single-or-dual-sided cards.  Operating the ZXP series 3 is simplified with an intuitive design, color touch points, and quick-replace higher capacity smart ribbons, which are now eco-friendly using less plastic and more biodegradable materials.

Make professional ID, gift and loyalty, and financial cards with ease right from your desktop with a reliable card printer featuring fast print speeds and high-quality 
Printing Specification:
1.   Dye-sublimation thermal transfer direct to card
2.  Full color or monochrome printing 
3.  Single- or dual-sided printing
      4.  700 cph monochrome single-sided
      5.  195 cph single-sided YMCKO
      6.  140 cph dual-sided YMCKOK 
      7.    Edge-to-edge printing on standard CR-80 media            

Barcodevault : We are the distributor of  Barcode Printer and Card Printers and manufacturer of PVC Cards and Ribbons. If you have any Query for  this products and buy the product then contact us. Address and Phone number are mention in our link 

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TSC Barcode printer service center in delhi dwarka by indian barcode corporation Midnware

TSC printer service center :Provide all the service and care of TSC Barcode Label printers

The Tsc TTP-244 Pro is designed to print a wide assortment of labels, including shipping labels and compliance and general-purpose product-identification labels and tags. The TTP-244 Pro is ideal for customers looking for a high quality barcode printer, coupled with low ownership costs.
TSC Barcode printer service center delhi dwarka


This Tsc Ttp 244 Pro Barcode Printer ensure user-friendly and reliable operation. It uses a thermal print method which can carry out various functions along with barcoding and labelling. This printer has the largest ribbon capacity. It is easy to install and requires minimum maintenance. This printer can produce professional output at a faster rate. This barcode printer has an Internal Memory of 8 MB, which stores print information about a document for later use. This printer offers a high performance at an affordable cost. This barcode printer can be connected by USB interface, making it user-friendly and portable.

1.    200 MHz 32-bit RISC processor with 8 MB SDRAM, 4 MB Flash memory.2.    Internally scalable true type fonts3.     TSPL-EZ  firmware emulates Eltron and Zebra languages out of the box Dual-motor gear driven design4.    300 meter (984’) ribbon supply on a 25.4 mm (1”) core (coated side out)5.    5 inches per second print speed6.    USB 2.0 & RS-232 interfaces standard7.    Free bundled labeling software and Windows drivers

   Best Price : Rs 10100 +vat (delivery charges extra)

Contact us:
Near Metro Station, Sector-12, Dwarka, New Delhi-110075 (India)
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Distributor for Zebra DS 4208 scanner in india of Barcode scanners indian barcode corporation Midnware

Distributor of Barcode scanner- Barcode Vault

A barcode reader (or barcode scanner) is an electronic device for reading printed barcodes. Like a flatbed scanner, it consists of a light source, a lens and a light sensor translating optical impulses into electrical ones. Additionally, nearly all barcode readers contain decoder circuitry analyzing the barcode's image data provided by the sensor and sending the barcode's content to the scanner's output port.

Zebra DS 4208 scanner: - General Purpose 2-D scanner

The DS4208 delivers the blazing speed typical of laser scanners on both 1D and 2D bar codes, allowing you to accommodate 2D bar codes without sacrificing scanning quality or performance. Users never need to take time to align the bar code with the scanner or pause between scans. And since you can capture bar codes printed on paper labels or displayed on the screen of a mobile phone, retailers can accommodate customers who download mobile coupons, mobile loyalty cards and more. 


2-D bar codes help businesses better manage inventory; cost-effectively comply with track and trace regulations for food, pharmaceuticals and more; and capture new types of data to improve overall process efficiency. In addition, both retailers and manufacturers alike must implement new standard 2-D bar codes that were created to streamline the entire supply chain.

Key features:-
·        2-D -  Pdf-417, MicroPDF417, Composite Codes, TLC-39, Data Matrix, Maxi code, QR Code, Micro QR, Aztec.
·        Minimum Resolution - -SR: Code 39 4 mil; UPC 60% 5 mil; PDF417 5 mil, Data matrix 7.5mil
HD: Code 39 3 mil; UPC 60% 5 mil; PDF417 4 mil, Data matrix 5 mil
·         1-D - 128, Code 39, Code 39 Full ASCII, Trioptic Code 39, Code 32, Code 93, Code 11, Matrix 2 of 5, Interleaved 2 of 5, Discrete 2 of 5, Coda bar, Chinese 2 of 5, GS1 Data Bar variants, Korean 3 of 5, ISBT Concat UPC/EAN, UPC/EAN with supplemental, Book land EAN, ISSN, UCC Coupon Extended Code, Code 128, GS1-128, ISBT.
·         Motion tolerance- Up to 25 in. / 63.5 cm per second.

    Best Prices:-Rs-9500/+5%tax

Barcode Vault ( deals in all type of Zebra printers and scanners. For any query and suggestion regarding Zebra printers and scanners call us on 9717122688 or write us at

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Barcode Vault
Contact no:-+91 9717122688, +91 8527522688
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Postek C168 Barcode Label Printer Installation by

Postek C168 Barcode Label Printer Installation by Indian Barcode Corporation( Mindware)

Postek C168 Barcode Label Printer Installation by Indian Barcode Corporation( Mindware)

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Postek C168-200s Thermal Barcode Printer, best price offer by indian barcode corporation in india sale and service support postek

Postek C168/200s Thermal Barcode Printer

Postek C168 barcode printer is long lasting durability and ease of use, plus affordability are the hallmarks of the C168 Series direct thermal/thermal transfer compact printers. small power performers feature an astonishing large ribbon capacity of 360 M that limits downtime for reloading in Postek C168.

 Furthermore, as standard, these printers include an external media stand accommodating larger media rolls and optimizing production uptime. Postek C168 equipped for fast printing speeds and carries a powerful 32-bit processor enhancing efficient label throughput. 3 function buttons and 3 LED lamps make operations easy. Plus, DIP switches offer set-it-and-forget-it convenience also in Postek C168 Label printer. The two printing modes and an adjustable Reflective. The C168 features one of the most advanced industrial microprocessors; the 32 bit embedded ARM CPU, with 2MB Flash Rom and 2MB SDRAM. Its reflective and transmissive media sensor is easily adjustable allowing for greater flexibility in printing needs and media compatibility. 

The ability to load up to 300 meters of ribbon avoids the need for frequent replacement. The included full version of Pos Label and  Label Design Software means that there are no software constraints in creating your labels.

Features and Specification


Printing Method
Direct Thermal & Thermal Transfer
Printing Resolution
203 dpi (8 dots/mm)
Max Printing Speed
4 ips (101.6 mm/s)
Max Printing Width
4.25″ (108 mm)
Max Printing Length
157″ (4000 mm)
32-bit ARM Processor, 2 MB FLASH ROM, 8 MB SDRAM

Roll-feed, die-cut, continuous, fan-fold, tags, tickets on plain
 paper or thermal paper
 Width:110 mm max,25 mm min.
 Supply roll: OD 4″ (102 mm) max., ID 1″ (25.4 mm) min
 Thickness: 0.003″~0.007″ (0.08~0.18 mm), including liner if applicable
Wax, Wax/Resin, Resin
 Ribbon roll: OD 3″(76.2 mm) max., ID 1″(25.4 mm) core
 Max width: 110 mm; Max length: 360 M.Ink side: Out


Five built-in ASCII fonts; Optional multiple language fonts

Bar code type

Bar Code Types

1D Barcode : Code 39,Code 93,Code 128/subset A,B,C, Codabar,
 Interleave 2 of 5,UPC A/E 2 and 5 add-on,EAN-13/8/128,UCC-128,
 Postnet,Plessey,HBIC, Telepen, FIM
 2D Barcode : PDF417

Media sensor

Reflective (Adjustable) / Transmissive


RS-232 serial, USB

 Power Adaptor

24 VDC Power adapter


6.17 lbs (2.8 kgs)


W 9.3'' x D 11.4'' x H 7.8'' (W 236 x D 291 x H 199 mm)

Operating Environment

Temperature: 32°F–104°F(0°C – 40°C)
 Relative humidity: 5% - 85% non condensing

 Optional Items

Rotary Cutter, Peeler Kit, External Rewinder

For Any Query and support regarding postek c-168 Printer
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Buy Bill and Receipt Printers from Indian Barcode Corporation (Mindware) with best Price

Bill or Receipt Printers deals by Indian Barcode Corporation (Mindware)

What is Bill Printer?

Bill printer is used to prints bills or receipts while do shopping online or on site both. Bill Printers are also known as receipt Printer.
Bill printers are very useful role in today’s industrial business flow and growth of business.

What type of Bill or receipt Printer available?

Dot Matrix Printers: Dot matrix printers, also known as impact printers, are the least expensive option, are very reliable, and involve minimal operating costs (replacing paper and ribbons)

Thermal Printers: Thermal printers cost more than dot matrix printers, but are more popular due to their improved print quality, faster speed, and quieter functioning.

Ink jet printers: Ink jet printer work by print heads that shoot tiny droplets of liquid ink on paper. if you want high quality, color logos, or coupons printed on your receipts, but the cost of replacing ink cartridges is substantial.

Which one bill printer you should choose?

Choose of bill and receipt printer is depends on what budget, speed and quality you required.
for any suggestion regarding bill and receipt printers call: or write

Models of Popular industrial Bill and receipt printers

Top Brands of Bill Printers:

Epson, Star, Citizen, TVS, Posiflex, Ithaca, POS-X, Samsung-Bixolon.


Epson Bill Printer Models

Epson Bill or Receipt Printer Models by

* Epson FX-875
* Epson LQ-2190
* Epson LQ-300 II
*Epson LQ-310
* Epson LQ-50
*Epson LX-1310
*Epson LX-300+ II
* Epson LX-310
*Epson TM-P20
*Epson TM-T82
*Epson TM-T82II
*Epson TM-T88IV
*Epson TM-T88V
*Epson TM-U220
*Epson TM-U295

Tysso Bill Printer Models

Tysso Bill Printer Models best offer price from indianbarcode

TVS-E Bill Printer Models

* TVS RP 4150

 * TVS RP-35

Citizen Bill Printer Models
Citizen Bill Printer Models buy online on best price in india delhi dwarka

Citizen-CBM-231, Citizen-CBM-270, Citizen-CBM-910II, Citizen-CBM-920 Impact, Citizen-CBM-920II, Citizen-CBM-1000 II Thermal, Citizen-CBM-1000 II, Citizen-CD-S500, Citizen-CD-S501, Citizen-CL-S521, Citizen-CMP-10, Citizen-CMP-20, Citizen-CMP20i, Citizen-CT-P291, Citizen-CT-P293, Citizen-CT-S280, Citizen-CT-S281, Citizen-CT-S300, Citizen-CT-S310II, Citizen-CT-S310, Citizen-CT-S601, Citizen-CT-S651, Citizen-CT-S801, Citizen-CT-S851, Citizen-CT-S2000L, Citizen-CT-S2000, Citizen-CT-S4000 Thermal, Citizen-CT-S4000, Citizen-CTS651, Citizen-GSX-190 Dot Matrix, Citizen-GSX190I, Citizen-IDP-460, Citizen-IDP-3240, Citizen-IDP-3535, Citizen-IDP-3550, Citizen-IDP-3551, Citizen-PD-24, Citizen-PMU-2300, Citizen-PPU-231, Citizen-PPU-700 Line Thermal, Citizen-PPU-700II, Citizen-iDP-3111, Citizen-iDP-3210, Citizen-iDP-3400.

Zebra Bill Printers Models:
Zebra Bill Printers Models best price on discoutn

* Zebra EM220II

* Zebra KR203

* Zebra KR403

* Zebra TTP 2000

* Zebra TTP 7030

* Zebra TTP 8000

Other Bill Printer Models

Why you should buy Bill or Receipt printer from Indian Barcode Corporation.
Make Indian Barcode Corporation is one of the best distributors of bill and receipt printers in India, we are the offer unbeatable price for bill and Receipt printers, and we also offer deals of the day on daily offers on different Models of bill Printers. We also provide service and care for all types of printers.
All types of bill and receipt printer’s consumable also provide by Indian Barcode Corporation.
Like Ribbons, Printhead, Labels, paper Rolls, Thermal papers and more, for best price and deals call us
09717122688, 8527522688 or write us