Friday, 5 February 2016

Indian Barcode Corporation Reviews Zebra Vs. TSC Barcode Printers Reasons Why TSC May Be the Better Choice against Zebra

Zebra Vs. TSC Barcode Printers: Why TSC May Be the Better Choice

Indian Barcode Corporation is Distributor and Service partner of TSC Barcode printers. TSC Printers are compatible IBC Labels (Manufacture by Indian Barcode Corporation). Zebra is powerful and provides a wide variety of high volume Barcode printers to meet your needs; TSC is a great alternative if you're looking for a slightly more affordable label printer solution.


See the Points below for a basic comparison of TSC Vs Zebra.

2 Year warranty
1 year warranty
Standard 985 foot transfer ribbon length
244 foot ribbon length
Standard 1” inner ribbon cores
 ½ “ inner ribbon cores
Maximum continuous print length of 90”
Maximum continuous print length of 110”
USB 2.0
USB 1.1
Free basic label design software
Zebra Design Software For Latest Printers
Dual motors
Single motor
Multi-port printers include all connection options
only partial options

TSC Vs Zebra overall
TSC Printers
Zebra Printers

If you Choose TSC Overall price Less and value is more.

Indian barcode Corporation is the Best price Distributor of TSC Printers in India. we the manufacturer of labels and Ribbons for TSC Printers, Zebra Printers, Argox Printers, Citizen Printers, Godex Printers.
We also provide the Service and Repair of Label and Barcode Printers of brands TSC, Zebra, Godex, Citizen, and Argox.

For Any Query Regarding any Suggestion and Price quote of Labels, Ribbons and Label Printers.

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