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Indian Barcode Corporation guide Ribbons for TSC TTP 244 Pro Barcode Printer, Which Ribbon you should install in TSC TTP 244 Pro Printer

Choose correct Ribbons for TSC TTP 244 Pro Barcode Printer

Supportive Ribbons and selection of Ribbons for TSC TTP 244 Pro Barcode Printer.

TSC TTP 244 Pro Barcode Printer :

The TSC TTP-244 Pro is designed to print a wide assortment of labels, including shipping labels and compliance and general-purpose product-identification labels and tags. The TTP-244 Pro is ideal for customers looking for a high quality barcode printer, coupled with low ownership costs.
TSC TTP 244 Pro

TSC TTP 244 Pro


This TSC TTP 244 Pro Barcode Printer ensures user-friendly and reliable operation. It uses a thermal print method which can carry out various functions along with barcoding and labeling. This printer has the largest ribbon capacity. It is easy to install and requires minimum maintenance. This printer can produce professional output at a faster rate. This barcode printer has an Internal Memory of 8 MB, which stores print information about a document for later use. This printer offers a high performance at an affordable cost. This barcode printer can be connected by USB interface, making it user-friendly and portable.


200 MHz 32-bit RISC processor with 8 MB SDRAM, 4 MB Flash memory.
Internally scalable true type fonts
TSPL-EZ firmware emulates Eltron and Zebra languages out of the box Dual-motor gear driven design
300 meter (984’) ribbon supply on a 25.4 mm (1”) core (coated side out)
5 inches per second print speed
USB 2.0 & RS-232 interfaces standard
Free bundled labeling software and Windows drivers

Ribbon Specifications for TSC TTP 244 Pro Barcode Printer:

Ribbon outside diameter Max.
67 mm OD
Ribbon length
300 m
Ribbon core inside diameter
1” core
Ribbon width
40 mm ~ 110 mm (1.6” ~ 4.3”)
Ribbon wound type
Ink coated outside

Note: The maximum length of ribbon depends on its thickness and core outside diameter.

The formula below defines the correlation between ribbon roll length and ribbon core diameter.
formula tscttp244 pro ribbon selection
formula tscttp244 pro ribbon selection

L = Ribbon length

D = Max. roll diameter

d = Ribbon core outside diameter

t = Ribbon thickness

TSCproTTP244 ribbon guide
TSC TTP 244 Pro Ribbon guide

Coated Side Out Ribbons

* The ink is coated on the outside of the ribbon in TSC TTP 244 Pro Printer; configure the Ribbon so that it unrolls from the bottom.
* When it feeds around the print head, the ink will still be facing the label.

Choose Correct Ribbons Before Printing Media for TSC TTP 244 Pro.

* Wax Thermal Ribbons For TSC TTP 244 PRO
* Wax-Resin Thermal Ribbons For TSC TTP 244 PRO
* Resin-Based Thermal Transfer Ribbons For TSC TTP 244 PRO

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