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PMLabels Thermal Transfer Labels Manufacturer,Direct Thermal Labels,Jewellery Labels ,Wax Thermal Transfer Ribbons ,Asset Labels ,Pharmacy Labels ,Clothing Labels ,Blank Stickers ,Colored Thermal Labels ,Fanfold Labels supplier in India

PM Labels:(Manufacturing the Products of Labels and Ribbons)
PM Labels is the Most Popular Supplier of Barcode Labels and Ribbons for its Quality and Services of Delivery of Labels and Ribbons.
PM labels is Most Reliable and Trustworthy labels and Ribbon manufacturer Company in India.

The most popular type of label using thermal Printing is a thermal transfer label. Although direct thermal printing is gaining popularity. If you are trying to decide between Transfer and Direct Thermal printing, this article is very helpful. Label sometime has a large selection of labels for transfer printing including the most popular sizes. Materials for transfer printing can be a bright white material, removable adhesives, All-temperature, polyesters, bright colors to make sure package stand out, synthetic papers for durability and more. Our labels are compatible with all types of printers including Zebra, Datamax, and many others.

Use Thermal Transfer labels for high volume quality printing:
1.      Thermal transfer printer ribbons are required to print!
2.      Offers excellent print quality for a variety of general-purpose applications.
3.      Print designs in black or colors.

Meterial Details:
Our Thermal Transfer is a white paper that works well with a variety of ribbon-based thermal printers. It utilizes an all-temperature adhesive with excellent cold temperature performance. This material requires a thermal ribbon. Please select Direct Thermal material if your printer does not use ribbons.

Direct Thermal Labels Manufacture by PM Labels:
PM Labels is a Direct Thermal Labels and Roll Manufacturer. Our Direct Thermal Labels are high quality paper, with a general purpose permanent adhesive. Our Direct Thermal Labels are available for general purpose, cold temperature and weatherproof applications.  Designed to fit most direct thermal printers, including (but not limited to): Zebra Printers, Sato Printers, Fargo Printers, Intermec Printers, and Datamax Printers  and others. Direct Thermal labels are perfect for printing variable data such as barcodes, shipping labels, product identification and box labels.

Designed for short term and high volume applications:
1.       Uses heat technology, no ribbon required.
2.       Ideal for warehouse, shipping or barcoding applications.
3.       Bright white with standard permanent adhesive.
Meterial  Details:
The Direct Thermal material is a smooth, bright white paper with a high sensitivity thermal coating. It is backed with an all-temperature adhesive. Ideal for high speed direct thermal printers and does not require a ribbon to print. Our Direct Thermal rolls are not compatible with Brother™ printers.

Jewellery Labels Manufacture by PM Labels :

We are prominent manufacturer and supplier of Jewelry Labels that are manufactured using plastic white art paper. These are popular among various jewelry stores. These are highly durable and comprises of long lasting adhesive. The surface is coated with glassy lamination and UV protection. It is water proof, stain resistant and made available in market leading prices.
These labels are acknowledged for high strength, tear resistance, clear printing, perfect finish and durability.


1.      Size and Shape: We can customize according to your requirement
2.      Color: Muticolor printing is available. We can customize according to your requirement
3.      Cutting: Die-cutting (Rolls or Sheets)

Wax Thermal Transfer Ribbons Manufacture by PM Labels:
This is the most used type of thermal transfer ribbon. Like the name suggests, the main ingredient from the composition of the pigment is the wax. The main advantage of the wax ribbons is the very low cost, doubled by a very good printing quality on a wide variety of materials. The main disadvantage is that the output is no scratch resistant or chemical resistant. Wax thermal ribbon is a premium wax grade, enhanced especially for maximum print performance. High carbon content guarantees a crisp, sharp black image - so crucial for the printing of graphic, text and barcodes. Wax ribbon is a general-purpose ribbon that provides users with an economic alternative that is especially effective on low-cost paper media that has a rougher surface wax thermal ribbons have been developed to provide maximum performance upon a broad range of coated and plain paper.

Products Detail:
Feature:                                                                         Compatible, Original
Color:  Black                                                                          
Classification:                                                                 FR
Thermal Transfer Ribbon Axis Dimension:               1 Inch
Thermal Transfer Ribbon Roll:                                   Carbon Outside
130mm X 300m:                                                            1 Inch
55mm X 600m:                                                               1 Inch
64mm X 74m:                                                                  1/2 Inch
Export Markets:                                                              Global
Asset Labels Manufacture by PM Labels:

PM Labels durable asset labels are designed to help with asset identification and tracking. From computers and office furniture to rental equipment and industrial machinery, Pm Label will help you custom design the right label for your application. Easily monitor inventory, schedule routine maintenance and avoid lost items with asset labels from Pm Labels.

Benefits of Asset Labels:
1. Benefits of Asset Labels  http://www.pmlabels.com
2. Asset Labels are meant for securing and tracking the precious assets of a company. These asset barcode tags are primarily used for fixed machinery, vehicles, construction machinery, medical instrumentation, electronics, computers, office furniture, tools, etc.
3. Asset Labels are utilized by all massive, medium and little corporations for keeping a record of the property or assets belonging to them.
4. Moreover, these asset labels are of nice use once it involves good asset utilization and elimination of harm, thievery and downtime of the precious company assets. There are varied other benefits of using quality barcode tags within the corporations.

PharmacyLabels manufacture by PM Labels:
Pm Label specializes in a variety of prescription labels including dot matrix, laser and thermal. Our Laser labels include duo-web combinations, all laser bond paper, and all pressure sensitive styles. We also have direct thermal (no ribbon required) and thermal transfer (used with a ribbon) prescription labels for your thermal printers. All of our labels can be used with a verity of software providers.
We can customize your prescription labels with your Pharmacy information and artwork up to a four color Process.

ClothingLabels Manufacture by PMLabels:
Clothing Labels manufacturers specializing in small quantities of Printed Clothing Labels, as well as larger runs of iron on labels, kid’s labels, and 100% cotton clothing labels. Sewers, knitters, quilters and crafters have a large variety of clothing label choices for their products. This is an economical solution for those not needing larger clothing label quantities. Our Custom Printed Clothing Labels are perfect for those looking to label with their own logo or artwork. We have several clothing label materials that can be selected. We also have label solutions for schools, camps and nursing care facilities, so clothes are not lost. Choose either our guaranteed iron on or sew on clothing labels to prevent lost garments and gear. Click below on one of the many sections of Clothing Tags for more information or to place an order.

Iron on labels can be used as name labels for clothing and school name tags Easy than sewing labels into clothes Provides a total solution for your school or to supply labels to a school, out of the box ready to print with a Zebra GK420t printer, downloadable software, iron on labels and ribbon Labels and ribbons listed are appropriate for household washing only.

Colored Thermal Labels Manufacture by PM Labels:
These blank color thermal-transfer labels are perfect for color-coding equipment, files, products and more. Available in yellow, orange, green and blue. Ideal for making labels that can be recognized from a distance for safety purposes, for inventory control and for work-in-process. The high-quality label material works in Zebra, SATO and Datamax thermal label printers that can handle a 4" x 6" label.

Fanfold Labels Manufacture by PM Labels:
Fanfold labels offer the benefit of lying flatter than typical, rolled barcode labels. A compatible printer can hold more continuous fan folded labels than their rolled counterpart, allowing for less frequent roll changes during high volume applications.

Save time reloading your thermal printer by using a larger quantity of 4x6 shipping labels with a convenient fanfold design. These labels sit in a stack behind your printer for better accessibility and are easily divided for multiple printing stations. Know with just a glance if you’re running low and need to restock without having to keep track of printed labels or checking the roll.

PM Labels the Manufacturer and Biggest Supplier of Barcode Labels and Ribbons.
PM Labels Most Popular and Most Demanded Labels and Ribbons Types:
Thermal Transfer Labels ,Direct Thermal Labels ,Jewellery Labels ,Wax Thermal Transfer Ribbons ,Asset Labels ,Pharmacy Labels ,Clothing Labels ,Blank Stickers ,Colored Thermal Labels ,Fanfold Label.
For Any Suggestion and Query regarding any types of Printer Ribbons and Labels Just call us on 09717122688 or mail us for best and unbeatable price gm@pmlabels.com
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Sector-12,Dwarka,New Delhi-110078(India).

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