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EAS SOLUTION or Anti theft solutions or retail store safety solutions by Indian Barcode Corporation .

EAS System solution provider
Indian Barcode Corporation

What is EAS System?
Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) is a technological method for preventing shoplifting.
It usually involves three components:
§   Electronic Antenna
§   Deactivator or Detacher
§   Electronic Tag
Special tags and labels are fixed to merchandise or books. These tags or labels are removed or deactivated by the clerks when the item is properly bought or checked out.

How EAS Systems Work?
A transmitter sends a signal at a defined frequency to a receiver. This creates a surveillance area or detection zone. Usually this detection
zone is created at an exit of a retail store, or within some stores at the checkout aisle.
When an EAS tag or label enters the detection zone it creates a disturbance which is detected by the receiver causing an audible alarm to be activated.
EAS Frequencies:-
EAS systems work on a wide range of frequencies from very low (measured in Hz) to very high (measured in GHz). 

Benefits of opting EAS Technology:-

§  Industry leading detection rates 95% (+) to protect all kinds of goods from theft.

§  Wide-exit coverage offers greater flexibility for entrance/exit layouts.

§  Fully visible detection offerings to completely concealed systems.

§  Effective on products containing liquids or non-ferrous metals to combat shielding.
§  Variety of applications for both hard goods and soft goods.
§  Labels may be activated / deactivated an infinite amount of times.
§  EAS alarms always mean that a label or tag is present.
§  Jammer detection & reporting.
§  Can detect merchandise within foil-lined bags, even metal shopping carts.
§  Integrated metal detection options.
§  Integrated Smart EAS functionality such as alarm counts / management, people counting, and system diagnostics.

Additional Key Benefits:-
       Some other key benefits of EAS are:
§  Labor Savings Fewer payroll hours at the store to apply tags, and a higher percentage of time spent on selling time and customer service.
§  Less Shortage More tags on more items throughout the store.
§  Increased Sales Better speed to floor, fewer stock-outs on popular items, and store associate time spent selling, not tagging.
§  Consistency Application in manufacturing environment, for fewer damages  and a better appearance.
§   Lowest tag Cost Overall tagging cost is reduced by utilizing the tag again.
§  Environmental Sustainability The initiative embraces green retailing  principles by recirculating tags to save valuable time, money, and resources.

EAS Solutions (we offer)
Indian Barcode Corporation has a wide selection of EAS solutions/ Anti-Theft System. The solutions consist of a full line of both RF and AM Systems, Tags, Labels, Detachers and Deactivators. We satisfy all technical requirements with warranty and deliver the utmost in quality as well as significant savings to any business.
We are a trusted name engaged in offering a quality range of Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) & Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Security System.

EAS Tags:-
Variety of Hard Plastic Tags (re-usable) are available suitable for your merchandise. These tags are armed with an almost impossible to defeat locking mechanism.
§  EAS (RF/AM) hard tags (with pin)
§  Frequency: 8.2 MHz / 58 KHz
§  Tamperproof (with pin lock)
§  Tough, Secure & Reusable
§  Tested for Detection
§  Compatible with all RF or AM Systems
§  Color: Black or White (gray)
§  Type: Mini-Square, Cone, Pencil

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