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Indian Barcode Corporation

Who we are ? 

Established in the year 1997, we are one of the most experienced companies in India specializing in barcode origination and print quality.
We are manufacturer and supplier of wide and extensive variety of Labels, Tags, Stickers & Ribbons, Dymo Labels & Ribbons, Avery Dennison (AD) Labels & Ribbons. We have different variant of Jewelry Labels, Void, Temper Evident, TTE, Non-Void, Removable, Ungummed Jewellry Labels and YMCK Ribbons, DMP Ribbons, Thermal Ribbons, Colored Ribbons.
We also offer RFID Tags and Solution for various Industries. We have developed an excellent manufacturing unit in our organization, which is fitted with comprehensive machines that are used to design our product range.
Our cutting edge tools, latest technology, essential facility and assiduous workforce have enabled us to manufacture our assortment as per the newest market development.

What we do ?

We are manufacturer and exporter of an exclusive range of Labels, Stickers, Tags & Thermal Ribbons.
 Our range is categorized into Bar-Code Labels, Tags & Thermal Ribbons, Address Labels, Computer Labels, A-4 Size Sheets, Pharma Labels, Logistics Labels, PVC Labels, Product/Printed Labels, Hot Stamping Foil Hologram & Holographic Labels, Security Labels and Vinyl/ Reflective Publicity Stickers.
We also offer Anodized Metal Labels, Tattoos & Transfer Labels, Offset Printed Colored Labels, Poly Carbonated Decorative Labels and moreover, we also have the proficiency in offering quality offset printing services.
Our product range is designed using high quality material, and is widely used in various Industries like Automobiles, Food & Breweries, Pharmacy and Medical Lab, Ready made Garment & Apparels and consumer product.

Bar Code Applications

There are many industries and applications utilizing bar coding technology. The following industries are just a few that have implemented bar coding technology:
  • Healthcare
  • Compliance Labeling
  • Government
  • Manufacturing
  • Transportation and Logistics
  • Shipping and Receiving
  • Ticketing
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Retail and Grocery Stores
  • Supply Chain Management

Following are few examples of applications using barcoding technology:
  • Admissions
  • Inventory Control
  • Driver Licenses
  • Drum Labeling
  • Baggage Tags
  • Food Items
  • Sporting Events
  • Pharmacy
  • Order Fulfillment
  • Postal Services
  • Pallets
  • Boarding Cards
  • Clothing
  • Theaters
  • Radiology
  • Shipping
  • Auto Registration
  • Containers
  • Work in Progress
  • Electronics Labeling
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Blood Bank
  • Parts Marking
  • Asset Tracking
  • Cargo/Bin
  • Shelf Labeling
  • Jewelry
  • Ski Resorts

  Barcode Solutions


Barcode Printers

Barcode printers are categorized in to two categories  direct thermal and thermal transfer labels printers which can be used to print barcode using software
Broadly barcode printers are: fromTSC/Zebra/Toshiba/sato/argox/honeywell/datamax/Citizen/brady/postek and  Indian Barcode is the major partner of all the above in India.
Industrial Printers

Industrial Digital Printers can be divided into a variety of different categories. As the industry becomes more mature, and the number of manufacturers increases, the line between the broad descriptions becomes less defined. Digital Printers are sometimes erroneously referred to as being “Digital Printing Presses”. The term Printing Press refers to the nature of the process, in which there is contact between the system that applies the ink to the substrate and substrate that the ink is pressed onto. Digital Printers however are non-impact printing processes; to print, a devices “fires” drops of ink from the print heads onto the substrate.
Ferrule Printers
Electronic Ferrule Printing Machines and Label & Sign Printing Machine , Consumables from  are the main products offered by MINDWARE. The max Letatwin products are Max 390A Ferrule printing machine & Letatwin 380E Ferrule printing machine, ink ribbons, pvc tapes, pvc tubes et.c. MINDWARE also offers the service and repair for the Ferrule Printing Machines.
 Card Printers

 A card printer is an electronic desktop printer with single card feeders which print and personalize plastic cards. In this respect they differ from, for example, label printers which have a continuous supply feed.

Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) uses electromagnetic fields to automatically identify and track tags attached to objects. The tags contain electronically stored information. Passive tags collect energy from a nearby RFID reader's interrogating radio waves.

Line Matrix Printers

A line matrix printer is a computer printer that is a compromise between a line printer and a dot matrix printer. Basically, it prints a page-wide line of dots. It builds up a line of text by printing lines of dots. Line Matrix Pinters are used for high-speed printing applications in industries such as manufacturing, banking, supply chain and back office environments. In these high-volume printing Industries, Line Matrix Printers are used to produce invoices, bank statements, product shipment and          Transportation    Documentation  as      well   as      product      compliance          Labels .        
Bill Printers

A We are counted as a prominent manufacturer and trader of Billing Printer . This waterproof printing equipment is required for printing ticket, receipt, bill and barcode. The offered Billing Printer is popular for its better printing quality, easy procedure of paper loading, high speed.


Barcode Scanners

A barcode reader (or barcode scanner) is an electronic device that can read and output printed barcodes to a computer. Like a flatbed scanner, it consists of a light source, a lens and a light sensor translating optical impulses into electrical ones. Additionally, nearly all barcode readers contain decoder circuitry analyzing the barcode's image data provided by the sensor and sending the barcode's content to the scanner's output port.
Bluetooth scanners

A Bluetooth scanners function similarly to a corded scanner except that they communicate to an included base station or to your mobile device directly, via Bluetooth. Bluetooth scanners are offered in various ruggedness (general purpose and rugged), scanner types (1D and 2D), and connectivity options (cordless and iOS/Android-compatible) in order to ensure greater mobility and freedom from cable clutter for any application. Motorola, Honeywell, and Datalogic are the most reliable Bluetooth barcode scanner manufacturers on the market. Call one of our experts to help you select the right Bluetooth scanner for your operation, or to request a quantity discount.
Document Scanners

A document scanner is a device, which converts a document or text from its paper form into digital data. The current trend in document scanners is considered a big step toward effective document management. Document scanners reduce time and labor to transform the information from printed materials to digital data stores, for example, to the hard disks of a personal computer or to storage in the cloud. In addition, using a document scanner, it is possible to recover, retrieve and preserve old or valuable documents.

Barcode Label/Tag

The labels which can be used to print barcode are often known as barcode labels , variant of barcode labels we make according to the customer needs here We are giving you the details of the barcode or can say definition of the Barcode. It is a code consisting of a group of printed and variously patterned bars and spaces and sometimes numerals that is designed to be scanned and read into computer memory as identification for the object it labels.

Clothing labels

Clothing labels are taffeta or woven tags or woven labels that can be ironed on or stuck on and stretch with the fabric or can be stitched on cloth.

Shipping labels

IF the merchandise is subject to any inspections such as an FDA inspection, the shipping label must contain that inspection information as well. A shipping label used by a mail carrier lists the originating and destination addresses.

Domed Labels

Domed labels are printed pressure-sensitive labels that have a thick, Dome-shaped clear polyurethane coating.


Jewelry labels are designed specifically to wrap around various types of Jewelry without damaging them. The usual shapes of jewelry labels are butterfly, dumbbell, or rat-tail of which the center part of the tail or dumb bell is made non-adhesive to avoid the glue stain left on your Jewelry items.

 Metal Labels

Looking for the toughest labels with maximum versatility? Then metal labels are what you need. Our labels are best in class at resisting abrasion, solvents, sun, salt, air, and extreme temperatures. Metal, Aluminum, Foil, Teflon, and more. These label will last for years and readability is guaranteed.

Adhesive Label/Tag

High tack adhesives labels are specially formulated to be extra "sticky" and bond quickly to surfaces they are applied to.

Medical Label

In Today's fast-paced medical environments, doctors, nurses, and medical assistants are constantly multi-tasking, hopping from patient to patient to perform examinations, discuss diagnoses, treatment methods, and administer medicine doses.

Security Label

A security label is a concept attached to a resource or bundle that provides specific security metadata about the information it is fixed to.

Special Label

All the labels to cover even your most unique needs. From wrists to jewels, and everything in between, we have what you need to label your assets, inventory and clientele.

Taffeta Rolls

Taffeta is also known as Care Labels. The products that we manufacture are used in different areas and are available according to the client's specific requirements.

Waterproof Label

If you are labeling something that requires durability and moisture protection, try our waterproof labels. These weather resistant labels are designed with the most demanding jobs in mind.

Thermal Label

There are two thermal printing methods: Direct Thermal and Thermal Transfer. Thermal transfer printing uses a heated Ribbon to Produce Durable, long-lasting images on a wide variety of materials. No ribbon is used in direct thermal printing, which creates the image directly on the printed material.

Pharmacy Labels

A medication mistake is a hard pill to swallow. It's why medication safety is always at the forefront of everyone's mind. The United Ad Label product line features pharmacy labels to assist with accurate prescription dispensing and storage.

Holographic Labels

Holographic typically refers to the shiny material used to print labels, stickers, tags, etc. whereas hologram refers to the three-dimensional image itself.

Tag Solutions

TAG Solutions can help assess your security posture, manage risk, implement security controls and test the effectiveness of your network security with a unique.

Printed Labels

Customized Product Label Stickers for Your Business. Make your brands stand out with the help of Label Printing Services. We print them using premium sticker paper.


Wax Ribbons

Wax Inexpensive, most popular ribbon with limited smudge resistance. Label material: Suitable if you are printing onto matter semi gloss paper labels / card tags. A Wax Ribbon is the lowest cost choice for a Thermal Ribbon.

Wax Resin Ribbons

A Resin Ribbon is the hardest Ribbon type; it is scratch and chemical resistant. Resin is the choice for printing synthetic labels going into harsh environments where print needs to be resistant against smearing, scratching, moisture (waterproof), abrasion, extreme temperature or chemicals.

Wash Care Ribbons

Wash Care Barcode Ribbons is to be used with taffeta & satin normally thermal ribbons are available in black, cloud red/ blue/green color and also available to for specific application.

Chemical Resistant Ribbons

Chemical Resistant Ribbon is our most chemical and abrasion-resistant ribbon. It prints a tough and durable resin ink, made for lasting durability when exposures to harsh chemicals, like solvents and degreasers are possible.

When printed with this specialty ribbon, labels and signs offer premium chemical resistance to several popular solvents used as thinners and paint removers. Labels printed with Chemical Resistant Ribbon have been tested and shown to perform well .


RFID solutions

RFID solutions offers a wide range of RFID solutions; from strategic development to implementation and from site survey to delivering the right RFID chips. Operating internationally and offering you a standard, or a custom made solution.

RFID Readers

An RFID reader's function is to interrogate RFID tags. The means of interrogation is wireless and because the distance is relatively short; line of sight between the reader and tags is not necessary. A reader contains an RF module, which acts as both a transmitter and receiver of radio frequency signals.

RFID Software

RFID Software is the most critical piece of an RFID application. It determines what kind of hardware is required to complete your system. Whether you are tracking assets, preventing theft or conducting inventory, we have the RFID Software to meet your needs.

Point of Sale

Pole Display

Pole displays are also known as customer displays and show item and price information to the customer. They are common in fast food establishments at the check out counter. Most pole displays vary from one to three lines of display and some support advertising.

Magnetic Card Reader

A Magnetic stripe card is a type of card capable of storing data by modifying the magnetism of tiny iron-based magnetic particles on a band of magnetic material on the card. The magnetic stripe, sometimes called swipe card or magistrate, is read by swiping past a magnetic reading head. Magnetic stripe cards are commonly used in credit cards, identity cards, and transportation tickets. They may also contain an RFID tag, a transponder device and/or a microchip mostly used for business premises access control or electronic payment.

Cash Drawer

Cash Drawers are one of the core components to every Point of Sale System. They may be the simplest part of your POS but making sure you have the right cash drawer is key. Cash Drawers can be printer or terminal driven.


A scanner is a device that captures images from Photographic
Prints, Posters, Magazine Pages, and Similar Sources for Computer Editing and Display. Scanners come in Hand-Held, feed-in, and flatbed types and for scanning black-and-white only, or color.

Mobile Computer

A Mobile computing is human–computer interaction by which a computer is expected to be transported during normal usage, which allows for transmission of data, voice and video. Mobile computing involves mobile communication, mobile hardware, and mobile software.


Signage is the design or use of signs and symbols to communicate a message to a specific group, usually for the purpose of marketing or a kind of Advocacy. This is typically manifested in the form of way finding information in places such as streets or on the inside and outside of Buildings. Signs vary in form and size based on location and Intent, from more Expansive Banners, Billboards, and Murals, to smaller Street Signs, Street Name Signs, Sandwich Boards and lawn signs.


A Computer is a device that can be instructed to carry out an arbitrary set of arithmetic or logical operations automatically. The ability of computers to follow a sequence of operations, called a program, make Computers very flexible and useful.

Bill Printer

Receipt Printers are an important part of a Point of Sale (POS) system. They are used in retail environments to Print Credit Card Slips and Customer Receipts .The main options for choosing Receipt Printers include Thermal Printers (most common), Dot Matrix Printers, and Ink Jet Printers.


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